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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tips To Lighten Your Skin and Fade Out Blemishes

Majority of dark or darker women want to be lighter. While lighter women want to be tanned. It's funny how we want to change our natural color thinking that we would look more beautiful if we do so. However, it is important to note that beauty comes from within. We can't blame people who think like this as a lot of people judge an individual by his/her color. It is depressing at times. A lot of people from Asian countries as well as these individuals believe that you are more appealing and beautiful if you are lighter. It is not right all the time, however, a lot of people strive hard to achieve it.

There are some home remedies that would help us lighten our skin. It would just take for a few minutes if you apply it to yourself daily, then a significant improvement in your skin color will be seen in a week or two. Below are some home remedy tips to lighten your skin.

Try squeezing a slice of lemon to your yoghurt (natural is better, fruit flavored would be too sweet), about ΒΌ of the regular yoghurt sold in the supermarket. Mix the two well then apply the mixture to your skin.

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