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Monday, February 25, 2008

More Get Paid To Blog Communities

Last November 30, I made a post about get paid to blog communities. I thought I've already listed all there is available online, but everyday, I stumble upon other sites that also give opportunities to bloggers online. I'm so happy to know that more and more paid to blog sites are being launched. This is good news to people who wants to earn extra money online.

Below is an additional list to the one I made last November 30, 2007. I hope this list will help many online bloggers like me.

LinkPrimer – a blogging community where earning money is very easy. The site utilizes Google's Adsense program as a primary earner and then includes ClickBank products and other services to generate revenue for its members. The site follows the following revenue sharing :

1. 50% of the time, the affiliate code/ID will be of the content originator.
2. 25% of the time, the affiliate code/ID will be of the content originator's referrer.
3. 25% of the time, the affiliate code/ID will be of the site administrators to help maintain the site.

Referring users is the best way to make money with the site. The more people you refer that are active on the site, the better chances you have of making decent money. If you were to never write a post on your blog, you could still get decent exposure of your affiliate codes by simply referring a couple of active users.

To refer a user, view your profile. You have a unique link that is used to refer others to the site. Send that link to your friends, family, co-workers, etc to get them to the site and start earning money off them as well. After all, you will be doing them a favor by telling them how they can earn money off the site as well!

Buyblogreviews – gives bloggers an opportunity to earn by reviewing other websites and posting it in their blogs. Bloggers are paid per post. The more posts a blogger make, the more money he will earn. A blogger can create a profile and be listed in their list of bloggers. Adevertisers can contact a blogger directly for paid blogging opportunities.

MyTripleDub – is all about sharing. For every post you create, you get the benefit of 70% of the ads displaying using your AdSense account. If you send people here using your referral link, and they sign up, you get an additional 10% on any of the posts they make, and they still get 70%!

Do we really earn from blogging ? Why don't you try it yourself? If we don't, maybe I won't be writing this post anymore.

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