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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

4 Ways To Earn Money At Hubpages

Many people are now earning extra money online through Hubpages. Some of them write and submit articles as a hubby while others really do it full time. Most of their writesr are stay at home moms but you can join whatever your background and profession is. Hubpages gives everybody a chance to earn online and be his own boss. Below are four ways on how to earn money through this site.
1) adsense - It allows hubbers to submit thier adsense ID. Once your ID is submitted, hubpages rotate the ads on your pages and you earn from the visitors who visit the ads. The more articles you have, the more reason people will visit your site, the more chances your ads will be clicked. So try to write as many articles as you can, submit it and earn money.
2) amazon - Hubpages allows your amazon affiliate code to be submitted to them. Once they have it, you can add a module in your pages. Amazon offers and products will be displayed. Once a purchase is made, you earn commission money.
3) ebay - This functions similar to amazon affiliate code. Products and services are advertised in your page then you earn commission once a purchse is made.
4) affiliate program - It also offers an affiliate program to it's members. You can invite your friends to join the site and 10% of your ads will be displayed at their pages. The more people who joins under you, the more chances of earning. You can also have a review about your affiliate program and post it in hubpages. However, you have to make sure the article is also informative. They are strict with postt that mainly advertises and don't provide useful content to the readers.

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