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Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to Make Money With your Site or Blog

Many people will put a website or Blog that is one big advertisement for a thousand dollar program that they are promoting. They are trying to hit home runs and make a large sum of money with a single sale. Then, after two or three months and no money, they get disillusioned and look for something else to promote. It is much easier (and a much better business plan) to make money by hitting singles and making money a little bit at a time.

It is much easier to make money if you have many small pages on your site or blog instead of just one. The internet thrives on information, and there are always people searching for it. First, determine your niche. Everything on your website or blog must be related to that niche. That way, you are providing a lot of related information all in one place. People who are interested in the information you provide will view a number of your pages.

On every page of your site or blog, include advertising. I suggest adsense because they are easy to install and the program runs on autopilot. After entering the Adsense code, you only need to cash checks. No maintenance, no nothing, everything is taken care of.

In addition, place ads for your favorite affiliate programs. Make sure that these affiliate programs provide good value for the money. If you recommend a crappy product, people will remember and your reputation will suffer. Ideally, try the product before you recommend it to others. This is the best way to test the products you recommend.

Post articles (or blog entries) often. I add fresh content to some of my blogs on a daily basis. I refresh articles on my site each week. This keeps people coming back to learn more.

Write and submit articles to the largest article directories on a regular basis. To be really successful, write three articles per day. If you are pressed for time, submit one a day. Submitting articles is an easy way to become known as an expert in your field. With each article that you submit, include links for additional information to different pages on your site.

As people navigate through your site, they will exposed to plenty of ads and a fair number of people will click on them. Of those individuals, 1% may buy the products that are being promoted. This will make you a little money on a regular basis. Over time, the amount of money that you make using these techniques will far surpass the amount that the home run hitter is seeking with that single large sale.

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