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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Got Pissed With A Western Union Agent

I am writing this post not to discredit Western Union but simply expressing my disappointment to one of their agents from a branch near Pasig. I usually send money through Western Union once or twice a week and every transaction is successful and hassle free. I've been using it for more than a year now and this is the first time I had a problem. I was supposed to deposit money for my brother in Pasig but when I reached the bank, it was closed already. He needed the money the following day so I told him I'll send P1K through Western Union then the others through his bank account the following day as sending everything will cost us much in the service charge. He agreed so I went to Western Union then sent the money. When he was about to withdraw, he wasn't allowed as he presented his company ID and atm. He was asked to present another ID. He just had the two as that was his first time of receiving it through Western Union (I usually send money through the service to other people). What I did was I called the agent and told her I myself will give her the tracking number to prove I'm the one sending it and its really for my brother. She still did not allow my brother to claim it. Instead told me to change the name of the receiver to someone else who was in the branch and its her who will claim it and will give the money to my brother. I found this funny (but actually it really pissed me!) that she trusted that woman to receive the money instead of me telling her that my brother is really the recipient... and just the same, the woman will give the money to my brother. Is it really like this? Is Western Union this strict at times ? I had a scheduled tutoring session supposedly after that but I got late for 30minutes as I still had to go back to Western Union and change the recipient of the money. Sometimes unflexible rules really pisses us up. I just hope they will be flexible at times. To think it was just P1K and they gave my brother a hard time. How much more if I sent a bigger amount? tsk...tsk...

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