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Friday, December 07, 2007

A List of Revenue Sharing Video Sites

Below is a list of the available revenue sharing video sites that could help us earn money online. Uploading and embeding videos is fun. You get to watch videos online and review those you missed to watch before. I also love watching music videos of my favorite singers. My collection of favorite movies and music videos are stored in these sites. Whenever I would love to watch and listen, I could just turn to these video sites to watch them. And the bonus is, I get to earn from these videos while they entertain me. My adsense earnings have increased since I started embeding videos. Everyday, I am able to earn since I started it. Why don't you try it too ? I provided the link to some of the sites to get you started.

Triond – this site allows you to submit videos and you get to earn money once they publish it. It has to be your original creation to be accepted.

Flixya – allows embeding and uploading videos. You can also post photos and have your own blog. These two also lets you earn money by your own ads in your pages through google adsense. You earn 100% from your ads.

Xomba – actually this is a blogging community but it allows you to accompany your articles with embeded vidoes and photos. You can also post a xumblurb to give a link to your favorite site, article or video. Also shares the ad earnings with you 50-50.

Metacafe – if you submit an original video, you can submit it to producer rewards program. Once it reaches 20,000 views, you will earn $100. Just take note that slideshows are not allowed.
Other Revenue Sharing Video Sites

Infectious Videos
There are still more in the list. Will post more revenue sharing sites here once I make a final list from my research. Try to visit these sites and start earning today.

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