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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paypal Withdraw Service Now Available In The Philippines

For years, I wished that people from the Philippines could withdraw money using paypal. However, this remained a wish for months as paypal's services to the Philippines then didn't include receiving and withdrawing money. I couldn't participate in many online opportunities as they pay through paypal. Most of these opportunities weren't available to Filipinos because of the limited service of paypal to the country. I can remember when there were times I would be too excited about a program only to know that it pays through paypal. But, I was surprised and excited to learn from my brother that it is already available in the Philippines... and it's been available for 2 months already. Tsk..tsk.. why didn't I know about it so soon ? I'm so thankful to the management of paypal for considering the Philippines. With this great move, many opportunities were opened.

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