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Friday, September 28, 2007

Benefits of the GPS Insight System

Do you have a tracking business wherein you want to get accurate tracking reports and monitor your employees' working record? Do you provide services to people and your type of service requires you to send your crew on field assignments? Having a business most of the time gives its owners a lot of pain and worries. Getting inaccurate work log mostly happens. Some drivers or crew may not be doing what they are really required do. Overtime work may not be official, however, is still included in their manual time record.

As a business owner, it is your goal to minimize on operational costs. Most of the time, we don't know where the extra expenses come from. Having an efficient tracking system will help us maximize profit and minimize on expenses.

I was able to read about a site online that does efficient tracking services. I was hesitant to know more about the site at first, however, after watching the live demo and reading the testimonials, I was able to say that the services they offer will greatly benefit a lot of businesses. Further readings prompted me to write about their services as it will help a lot of people. Their cost is nothing compared to the services they offer for your security, minimizing operational cost for your business and providing efficient tracking service. Their cost is minimal at $1.50-$2 per day per vehicle considering of the many benefits you could get.

The GPS Insight Main Site
The product is GPS Insight. It is a hardware and web-software vehicle tracking product that is the technical leader in the GPS tracking fields. They have the only hardware which is trivial to install which plugs directly to the vehicles diagnostic port. They have a very professional service as delivery is on the same day, plus support is 24/7. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and offers free trials for qualified companies.

Sample Landmark Creation

GPS Insight will give you accurate record of total time of work rendered by your employees. It will also help you save on your fuel expenses, give you efficient routing reports and so many more benefits. This is the reason why using GPS Insight in your company is absolutely necessary.

Below are some of the benefits GPS Insight can give you:

* With GPS Insight's driver log, you get a DOT style graphical description of the driver's activity.

* With their Detail Activity Report, you will be able to view the specific location of your vehicle, as well as the stop and speed information of each vehicle for the entire day. In this way, you will be able to verify if the entries in your drivers log card is accurate as compared to the GPS report. Some companies say that they lose a lot on the dishonesty of their employees. They lose a big amount of their profit because of this. The GPS system will help you increase your yearly earnings. Most of the time, your drivers have to render overtime work and proper monitoring of the extended hour is needed.

* GPI Insight also has a cell phone integration package that allows users to use any cell phone to determine the location of their vehicle.

* Unauthorized use of your company's vehicles on non-working hours is easily detected as the Odd Hours Report of GPS Insight will give you the information. This will prompt your employees to avoid unofficial trips.

* One of the useful reports the GPS system provides is giving details on the vehicles' entry or exit to a geofence and the duration of time spent of the vehicle in that specified area. It also monitors or lists every stop the vehicle had over a given period of time and how long it stopped at these locations.

* For those who want to know how to reduce on fuel expenses. This system helps us monitor MPG and the gallons consumed by our vehicle for a given period of time. The actual usage can be reconciled with the fuel card expenditures in order to keep track of usage abuse. If ever someone else has to use your vehicle for an errand or if you are a transport business owner, checking your vehicle's location is fast and easy. It is done easily by simply sending a text message. It's either you send to a single driver or to a group of drivers, it can be possible with GPS' advanced Cell Phone Integration and Mapping. To view from your cell phone real-time location of you vehicle is also easy with added high quality maps.

These and more are the services provided by GPS Insight. With the kind of services they have, we can already be worry-free all day. Aren't their services incredible? A lot of information can be gathered from their reports and this will keep you sleep better at night.

If you want to avail of the convenience of the above services, you can contact your GPI representative or you can visit their site here.

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