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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Reliable Internet Provider

I have this online writing job and I need a very fast internet connection to be able to finish more tasks. However, the one I had was very slow and it would took me longer to open a site and to upload photos and videos. This made me decide to get another internet provider. Since our internet provider in the office is a lot faster than the one I had at home, I immediately changed to their company. This has greatly changed my internet connection and I have been able to do more tasks online than I used to. This has also improved my mood. I haven't been irritable and hot tempered since then.

A reliable internet provider is really necessary. A few minutes difference when you are working online is already a lot to lose. Time is of the essence and since I also have a fulltime day job, my spare time is really very precious. When we need to have someone to come to our house for cabling installation, it is necessary also that we be specific of what we want and where we want the connection to be installed in specific areas inside our house. Usually internet as well as cable providers have subcontractors for these type of jobs. The installation is done by a different group of cable installation professionals. There are some who are not really thorough with their jobs. The finished product also looks untidy and some unnecessary cable parts and wires can still be seen. We should be more specific if we don't want this to be seen and for a clean and more  
professional finish.

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